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¡Ya tenemos ganador!
En el primer trimestre los alumnos de quinto y sexto realizaron logos para representar el proyecto Erasmus plus del centro.
Tras una votación a través de nuestra red social Facebook, el logo ganador fue " Technology Erasmus+ English" creado por la alumna Silvia Monteagudo de la clase de 5ºA.
Muchas gracias por vuestra...

We finish our lovely and interesting visit to the "Star of the Sea" school where we have took part in some activities and we have learnt lots of interesting things.
We're very grateful to the pupils for helping us in our different activities, and to all the teachers because they have helped us every day.
Thanks a lot...

Day 3


Today we have learnt about the "Beeboots" project.Beeboots are a kind of robots that work using algorithms. Students of 5 years old have practised how a robot works through different codes. This project is developing their mathematics knowledges and their motor skills too.
On the other hand, we have shown two videos created by our Spanish students...



Today we have known a very interesting project about reading using technologies. We have seen the 2nd and 5th classes pupils using different apps for improving their reading level and comprehension.On the other hand, we have done a facetime English tour by the school with our 5th and 6th spanish classes students. They were very excited waiting for...



In our arrival to the school, we have had a very special reception.
"Star of the sea" is a pre-school and primary school in Passage West, a town near Cork.That's why some students have to take the ferry every morning for going to school.We have visited some classes for learning how they use technology during their classes.Tomorrow we will...

Welcome to Ireland!Yesterday two of our teachers have just arrived to Cobh, a town near Cork (Ireland) to work on the Erasmus + project that is going on in our school this school year.They have started a new experience in an English country that we are sure they will enjoy.Tomorrow we will have more news.Let's wait for them!!!

El pasado 24 y 25 de junio una profesora de nuestro centro asistió a las jornadas de formación de Erasmus+ que tuvieron lugar en Murcia.